Stop it with the “bucket list” idea and do this instead.

As most of my followers know I recently read a book titled Die with Zero. It is one of those books that changes the way you think. At least it did for me. In the book the author suggests something called “Time Buckets” versus “bucket list”. And I like this concept so much better for many reasons that I will attempt to unpack for you here.

Can we just be honest first. Bucket list has a negative connotation. At least it does to me. Time Buckets gets a thumbs up from me by this alone.

What are Time Buckets:

Instead of creating a list of things you would like to do and accomplish by the time you die. You instead should look at your life in buckets and make plans based off of this accordingly. The book does an amazing job at explaining how you should look at your money, your health, and the amount of free time you have to do the things you would like to do while you have these three things.

See image below:

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If you have children. You might already be doing this on some level. For example: What are some places you would like to take your children to learn the history of America and why they should be grateful that they are a US citizen.

If you want to plant this seed in their head at an early age, I would think by taking them some time between ages 8-12 would make the most sense. It would be relevant, understandable, and most likely memorable to them. As a parent if this is your idea then you can plan your free time and money at a time when this makes the most sense for you and your family to expose them to these things.

One of the things I would like to do/accomplish is run a sub ninety-minute half marathon during an actual race. I have gotten close on a normal run day, but not during a race. I know that my window is closing on this idea. So it is something I need to get done in the next year or so.

My wife and I recently took a trip to Italy. It was an amazing trip. Thankfully we are blessed enough that we have the resources to have made the trip really amazing in so many ways. If you were to go back ten years ago in my early thirties I wasn’t financially able to do it the way we were able to do it. And If I would have waited another decade to do it, I don’t think it would have had the same impact on me as it did last fall.

This may be unique example but I think it illustrates the point. If you are someone who is desirous of backpacking across Europe. You could do this in your twenties. You are at peak physical condition, so that wouldn’t be an issue. However, you may not have the money to do it well.

Now generally in your forties, you could do this trip physically still. Maybe not like you would in your twenties, but you are still capable. But for me, I know in my forties I would do it in a way where I not only backpacked Europe, but I would have the money and resources to really enjoy the finer things that cost money while I did it.

The point of of time buckets is to use your health, money, and free time accordingly based off the things you want to do.

As a parent, you have a finite window of time to create certain experiences with your children at certain ages. You have the time between 0-10 years old. Then 10-18 perhaps. Then 22- 30. When they are pushing 30, you most likely are going to be pushing 50-60. I am speaking in generalities. But you get the point.

You should use your money and free time to do the things you want to do. And as you get older, you have to look at your health as a consideration as well.

Based off the books idea, I have already started planning certain things in my life accordingly.

I encourage you to pick up the book. Maybe it will have the same impact on you as it did for me.

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To your success and your future.


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