My mentor said…

Three years ago I was introduced to Jim Rohn.  Not technically introduced, he was already dead by the time I had heard of him.  I was exposed to his teachings through a magazine that I subscribed to.  SUCCESS Magazine.

One key insight I learned from that first seminar I purchased from Success Magazine and Jim Rohn.

Walk away from the 97%

  • Don’t talk like they talk
  • Don’t think like they think
  • Don’t read what they read
  • Don’t act like they act
  • Don’t do what they do

I am sure as you read this you are saying, hmm… does that mean in the workplace or at home?  The answer is yes and yes.  I guess the main point of this short but powerful message, is if you want to live an extraordinary life, don’t do what most people do.


One response to “My mentor said…”

  1. Mike Martens Avatar

    I feel like Mr. Rohn and I have been great friends my entire life, although we have never met.

    It is your differences that create your rewards in life… Do what makes you tick!

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