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I have had some what of a revolutionary discovery for my self. Almost three years ago, I decided to start doing my workouts (gym time) in the morning, instead of the evening.  When I did this I also started a more intentional growth plan for myself, that included reading something every day for at least 30 minutes. Now some three years later I have discovered that I am much more productive with my “before work” time than I ever was or am, with my “after work” time.

Here is what my after work time would consist of three years ago. Get up at 6:30 or 7:00 am.  Go to work.  Get off work somewhere between 5-6.  Go to the gym.  Get finished with that around 7-7:30.  Go home and cook dinner and watch the O”Reilly factor and Sean Hannity between 8-10.  Or some sporting event that would be on.  Also, with my schedule and line of work, you never really know what will come up through out the day or when you will actually get off of work.  So on some days the workout would get canceled or not be a priority.  Or happy hour would be so appealing after a long day of work that I could easily be persuaded to attend that instead of the workout.

Through this discovery of intentional growth I stumbled upon the great Benjamin Franklin’s quote “Early to bed, Early to Rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise.”  

I can honestly say that when I made this change some three years ago.  I really did it out of commitment to getting my work out completed.  It has now become a way of life for me.  Over these three years, I have seen my growth and development go to places I would have never thought they could go, just by being intentional about it.  I have seen my health and wellness and commitment to my health soar, and my wealth, I’ll just say I am on a good path.  I have become a better employee to my company because I am a better person to myself.  Because I am focused on development in the morning when I am fresh, it makes me a person that can bring more ideas and vigor to the workplace.  

Andrew Carnegie states that most people have 3 parts to a day.  You have Work, Sleep, and your spare time.  What you do in spare time will determine your success.  You can use your spare time to watch reality television (I have been there and done that), or watch the next American Idol winner (I never really go into that), watch the 24 hour news cycle, or you can do something productive.  The time in the morning before work I am much more productive, focused, and committed, plus there are no distractions.  If you work off shifts, like 2nd or 3rd.  The same rules apply.  Get up earlier and do the things that will make you a  better person and employee before you go to work.

My goal now is to see how much time I can create before I go to work.  How early is too early, we will see.

Brian Willett




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