5 (new) Super Short Book Summaries, if you’re interested

In this day and age, brevity is better.  So in my attempt to share with others and add value to others, here are my super short book summaries for my last five reads.

Title:  How to Be Rich (Its not what you have. Its what you do with what you have);   author: Andy Stanley

  • Your success with regard to wealth is determined by your objective with regard to wealth. Selfless generosity allows you to take hold of life as it was meant to be lived.

Title: The Fred Factor;    author: Mark Sanborn

  • We all have the ability to create memorable impressions with people, make it a point to do something special for your customers, your friends, family, etc.

Title:  Now You’re thinking (Change your thinking transform your life);   author(s): Pearson Education 

  • If you think you can, you can.  When people put their minds to something and decide to pursue that with vigor and passion, the impossible can become possible.

The Go-Getter;   author: Peter Kyne (Dave Ramsey)

  • Don’t allow anything to get in front of you and your goals. There may be a $10,000 dollar a year job on the other side of one of those goals, and in 1920, that was a lot of money. 

Title:  How to Live on 24 Hours a Day;   author: Arnold Bennett

  • We never shall have any more time. We have, and we have always had, all the time there is.  How we use that time is what makes us successful or unsuccessful. 

Brian Willett



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One response to “5 (new) Super Short Book Summaries, if you’re interested”

  1. Linda Dale Avatar

    Thank you!! Reading your post saved me a lot to time and money. I appreciated you sharing.

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