Adding value

I have two really good friends in my life right now that have blessed me in so many ways.  On my way to meet with one of them last night I was on the phone with the other.  So for about four hours last night I talked about growth, development, relationships, business, spiritual, and life as a whole with both of them.

What is value? To me the definition of value is, worth. That seems like a pretty good definition, without having to even go to the internet to see what it says.

So how do you know if someone is adding value to you? Is worth something to you.   A good question, right? Here are some ways I judge it.

  • Do they talk about the things I care to talk about. 
  • Do they tell me things that I did not know before.
  • Do they challenge my thinking a little?  Ask me for clarification on something I say. 
  • Do they disagree at times with me. 
  • Do they challenge me to look at something differently. 
  • Do they challenge me. 
  • Do they say something that inspires me. 
  • Are they doing the same things I am doing. 
  • Here is a big one, when I leave the conversation, am I excited and enthusiastic about what is to come?

Can you answer yes to these questions.  There have been many studies conducted on people and how we become who we spend most of our time with.  For example:  If I spend a lot of time with people who like to drink beer and watch sports.  Chances are I will drink beer and watch a lot of sports.  I am not saying anything is wrong with that, I am just saying you become who you spend most of your time with.

I realize that we interact with people and have conversations with people all day long and not all of those relationships can add value.  However, you can have people who add value to you in other ways as well.  I have a friend that probably doesn’t do most of the above at all, however, when we get together it is a great release to my life.  They add value in that way.  However, like everything, we have to spend our time wisely, even though we are blessed with each day, what we do with that time each day is what is most important.

What if most of your time was spent with people who added value to you? They bring some kind of worth to your life.  What would that do to your life?

Brian Willett



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